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Woman found dead in a suitcase: her ex-companion wanted

This is an absence that can be described as disturbing. Since the discovery of the body of Marie-Alice Dibon, 53 years old, Monday, April 22, in a suitcase floating on the Oise, his ex-companion is nowhere to be found. He is actively sought by the judicial police of Versailles in charge of investigations. His disappearance does not mean a culprit but highly intriguing investigators.

This Easter Monday, in Neuville-sur-Oise (Val-d'Oise), a boatman alerts the police. He discovered the naked body of a woman, packed in a suitcase that floats on the river. An important security device is set up around the rue du Pont and the scientific teams make the first findings of use. The autopsy was performed two days later at the Criminal Investigation Institute of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN).

At the same time, a judicial investigation was opened on the qualification of homicide voluntarily against X. The causes of the death were not revealed by the parquet floor of Pontoise. According to our information, the victim was beaten without being able to say with certainty whether they resulted in the death.

Marie-Alice Dibon was 53 years old./DR/Facebook

The disappearance of Marie-Alice Dibon, PhD and DESS in industrial pharmacy, had been reported the day before the discovery of his body. Her current companion, worried about having no news of her since Friday, April 19, had made a report to the police station of Puteaux (Hauts-de-Seine) where she lived.

According to a source, that day, Marie-Alice Dibon had an appointment with her ex-spouse, a man in his sixties. The latter, of Italian origin, has long been a taxi driver. Very quickly, the investigators tried to hear him. Without success.

The couple had lived together for 15 years

The man is not found since the report of the disappearance of his former companion. Is he on the run? Was he the victim of the same aggressor as Marie-Alice? According to our information, the investigators seem to think that he may have played a role in the death of the scientist. And to fear that he took advantage of the few days between the disappearance of the victim and the discovery of his body to flee abroad.

The couple had lived together for fifteen years, including a dozen Kilford street in Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine). "They were very calm people. She was a lot abroad, she came back for eight days and then left. And he, as a taxi driver worked a lot, left very early in the morning and returned late at night, "says a tenant of the building.

Courbevoie, Tuesday, May 7th. Marie-Alice Dibon and her ex-companion lived on rue Kilford in Courbevoie for more than ten years./LP/Marjorie Lenhardt

"He was a very kind man, you could ask him anything; I'm very surprised who came to Marie-Alice, I do not think he could do anything to her, "says the former neighbor of the couple.

Another resident draws a different picture: "It was a couple who quarreled a lot, we often heard them scream …" Last year, the couple moved to settle in Puteaux. Then Marie-Alice Dibon made the decision to leave this man.

She regularly went to the United States

"She was a remarkable woman, very much appreciated by those close to her, and very competent in her professional field," explains Olivier Morice, who joined the civil party on Monday, May 6, on behalf of Marie's family. Alice Dibon.

The victim presided over his own company in the field of communication, science and the beauty industry. A specialist in cutaneous microbiota, an expert on scientific trends and their influence on the beauty industry, she had lived in the United States and went there regularly.

"His family is devastated of course," says the lawyer. They do not wish to speak in the media to preserve further investigations. Their purpose is the identification and arrest of the perpetrator (s) of this despicable crime. "

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