Woman goes out without underwear, but then realizes that her dress is open at the back… (video)

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&nbsp- 27/05/2022 om 18:00

Izi Maxwell recently walked around London for about five hours, wearing a light blue dress. She wasn’t wearing underwear at the time, but she often does. Only the outfit kept crawling up while walking, which was quite inconvenient.

bare buttocks

She didn’t think much about it, but afterwards she realized that the dress has a split at the back. In other words, all the while people could contemplate her naked derriere. «I felt about three quarters of my behind was visible, maybe even more. So for five hours my naked butt was on display in London”, she laughs.

To address

She shared the blunder on TikTok, where her video has already been viewed almost 4 million times. Her followers are dying. «I suspect there are a lot of happy people walking around in London at the moment», «Didn’t you feel the wind there?», «Why aren’t you wearing underpants?», “First of all, that dress looks great on you. Second, this story is hilarious. Third, I’d be ashamed of myself,” and “Why hasn’t anyone said anything? I would immediately address a complete stranger if her outfit showed too much and I hope that others would do the same with me,” we read in the comments, among other things.


To anyone who saw me today I greatly apologise 🍑😆#fyp #foryoupage #storytime

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