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Woman invited to bachelor party from & # 39; pity & # 39 ;, sends list of insane rules that all girls should follow

In a reverse & # 39; bridesmaids & # 39; a bachelor party guest is dragged onto the internet for a list of ridiculous rules she has made for the other attendees. Unlike Megan in everyone's favorite bachelorette rom-com, she did not suggest that the girls do something as wild as starting their own fight club, but in fact the exact opposite. The list – sent in an email – was instructions to keep the weekend as healthy and fair as possible.

The screenshots were posted online and you can imagine that people were in shock about the militant instructions for a weekend in & # 39; Sin City & # 39 ;.

Image credits: Viv Lynch (not the actual photo)

The story was originally posted by the user Ursula on Reddit, who explained that the buzzkill, & # 39; Taylor & # 39 ;, was not even an original member of the bachelorette crew because she was so & # 39; n "damper", and because they were a sister club at the time of the dispute, they had never really been friends. According to the post, the bride, & # 39; Emma & # 39 ;, was guilty of inviting her to the wedding and then the stag and hen parties.

Well, Emma discovered in the hard way how big the mistake was to invite her girls' student club after all the girls on the guest list have the following list of & # 39; moral codes & # 39; had emailed to confirm that they would keep us all out of trouble. – because who would want that?

To "keep everyone in line with the church," she went ahead and did some research so that the group could attend services after their journey in "Sin City." While her list was designed to prevent someone from going crazy, she explained that the church is “a great way to clear us of our sins.” It's hard to imagine that there would be a lot of sin because the following part of the list clarified that there would be no liquor, no sex in or around the suite, and of course no random men. She said maternally that she would provide groceries for the room so that every girl would have to vent her in advance to contribute. And in case you thought they were going to eat anything other than snacks, she provided a very strict medication policy, including Adderall.

People in the comments agreed that the list justified an un-invite


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