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Woman is attacked in front of disco: crazy, who defends her – Panorama

Woman is attacked before nightclub: Hard to believe who is defending her with fists

In Orlando, a woman was attacked in front of a nightclub. A man in the Osterhausen costume defended her. (Symbol photo)

In Orlando, a woman was attacked in front of a nightclub. A man in the Osterhausen costume defended her. (Symbol photo)

Photo: imago

Orlando. They are funky scenes that Lindsey Edwards in front of a nightclub on Sunday night Orlando, Florida observed. He reported to the NBC channel Welsh.

Edwards saw a man in front of the nightclub attack and spit on a woman. Then suddenly the unlikely savior came rushing in: Antoine McDonald in his easter bunny costume.

USA: Youtube video shows the brawl

"So I went over there and tried to separate the two. He climbed on top of her and hit her, so I had to try something else to end the fight. That worked, too, "McDonald told NBC News. Incidentally, the "other" were savage blows to the attacker.

On Youtube also appeared a video of the brawl, which shows how McDonald tears the attacker from the woman and beat him – of course in the Easter bunny costume.

"I really lost my speech"

Nightclub leader Josh Manes hurried straight out when he heard about the brawl: "It really broke my tongue. But that's the way Sundays in Orlando run here. I guess I should not be too surprised, "he said in an interview with NBC.


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Finally, a policeman intervened, which quickly ended the fight. Because there are many clubs and bars in the area, there are regular police out there. McDonald was there, but apparently still so full of adrenaline, that he shadowbox shadowed next to the policeman.

The cause of the dispute remains unclear

The policeman was pretty angry at first, McDonald said, "The cop came to me and said, If you do that again, I'll take you and your damn bunny suit." But that did not happen.

"The cops separated the people, shook hands with the guy in his rabbit suit and let him run," says nightclub owner Manes. "He just wanted to enjoy Easter Sunday."

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Why the fight broke out between the man and the woman is still unclear. The police also confirmed to NBC that there had been no arrests after the brawl. (FEL)



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