Woman murder in Izmir! Gizem Filiz was killed by her ex-husband …

murder of a woman who burned the hearts of Turkey was experienced. Gizem Filiz and Aykut H. divorced some time ago. The young woman, who took custody of her children, had her ex-husband suspended from her, who used violence and threats. However, the ex-husband came to Gizem Filiz’s house in Cengiz Topel Mahallesi 1185/17 Sokak, despite the suspension order, at around 14.30 today.


Aykut H., who has not been able to find out how he got into the house yet, strangled Gizem Filiz, a student of Dokuz Eylül University and working part-time in a store. Then he called the police and reported the murder. Police teams came to the address in a short time and detained Aykut H. Gizem Filiz’s lifeless body was sent to the morgue of the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy after the examinations. It was learned that the children with custody of their mothers were with their grandmothers living in Manisa.


Gizem Filiz’s mother and uncle, who came after the news of pain, had nervous breakdowns. The neighbors of the young woman also hugged each other and shed tears. Gizem Filiz’s uncle, Cevdet Filiz, stated that her heart was burning and said, “Aykut had threatened my nephew before and blocked his path many times. We are very sorry ”he said. The police launched an investigation. DHA


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