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Woman posts her Pic of the doctor without his permission to sexualize him, is destroyed in the comment section

We recently had a message about the Man who has it all, a parody account that looks at sexism and bias by cleverly turning gender roles into everyday situations. Well, now we have a similar situation that occurred in real life.

Twitter user purple goddess shared a photo of her male dermatologist, whom she described as "fine as sh * t". The photo, taken without the doctor's knowledge, quickly went viral because people demanded to know where to find the handsome skin specialist.

Image credits: purplegodesss

Many other female admirers quickly agreed

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However, some people started to ask if the whole thing wasn't a little scary

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What if a man had taken a sneaky picture of an attractive woman at work, just doing her job? One remark, in particular, turned things around by adopting the kind of accusatory tone that is more common among feminists who point to examples of sexism.

Image credits: Kolamide

Determined to see her dermatologist remain viral, she continued to share information about him, even as far as sharing his location

Image credits: purplegodesss

Purple Goddess was not ready yet. Who knows, maybe the doctor was very happy with the situation and saw it as a nice compliment and good for business. For many people, encouraging & # 39; stalking & # 39; and telling people where they could find him, however, unacceptable behavior and a step too far.

Image credits: purplegodesss

Image credits: purplegodesss

Image credits: purplegodesss

People kept giving their opinion about the situation

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Of course men and women can have enormously different standards when it comes to things like this. Men generally suffer less from the daily fears of being approached, followed and stalked by sexually aggressive women. Most of the boys I know would have taken the whole thing as a big compliment and continue their lives. However, the incident did lead to an interesting discussion about privacy, rights to take and share your photo and objectification at work.

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What do you think? Scroll down to read the rest of the responses, as well as the thoughts of the dermatologist himself!

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Bored Panda has since managed to get hold of the man himself, resolve the issue, and suddenly trending his feelings about his photo on Twitter without knowing it was taken.

"My first reaction was just pure fear," he told us. "I'm a very weak person, so when I first heard that I was trending on Twitter, I was a little crazy, like" oh my god what's going on. "I received texts from friends all over the country, some of whom I had not spoken to in years and told me that I am the best post on Twitter. & # 39;

"Once the fear faded and I realized that most people received my photo favorably, I started to find the whole situation quite funny. The reactions on Twitter were hilarious, people posted all sorts of ridiculous things and the photo became increasingly slicker. I think that it has received more than 20,000 likes or something. It was crazy. "

"About the discussion about sexual harassment and double standards: I thought the Reddit discussion was very interesting and that many people earned excellent points. By definition, many of the comments on my photo would be considered a form of sexual harassment, and I can fully understand how people view this as a double standard in the light of the # metoo movement, and that if those same remarks were made about a woman, fuss would arise. & # 39;

"From my perspective, I would be negligent if I didn't acknowledge that I never felt I was a" victim. "As I think more about this sentiment, I realize that the reason for this is undoubtedly because of my" male privilege. " I have had the privilege of never being threatened or intimidated by a woman in a sexual way, I have had the privilege of never being the privilege of never being followed at home by a stranger was a woman. & # 39;

"It is because of these freedoms that we enjoy as males that I think the discussion about sexual harassment might need to be interpreted differently in my situation."


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