Woman repeatedly raped: police take ex-boyfriend firmly

Woman repeatedly raped: police take ex-boyfriend

A man is said to have detained his ex-girlfriend in a Dortmund apartment, beaten up and repeatedly raped.
The martyrdom occurred last weekend, said the police on Tuesday with. According to the investigation, the woman was met on Friday evening in a café on her former partner. “He threatened her and told her to come to his apartment with him. Out of fear she followed him, “the officials said. There, the 42-year-old forced the woman to take drugs. In the next two days it came to the maltreatment and rape. At times, the woman was locked in a storage room. On Sunday, the Algerian his ex-girlfriend then forced to come to a café. There, they reportedly met the mother of the victim, who recognized the situation and alerted the police. Officials arrested the man. An arrest warrant was issued against him. According to the police, he is without a permanent residence. To the apartment In which the deeds occurred, he obviously had access.

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