Woman reveals what three weeks without alcohol can do to your body

One woman experienced her incredible three weeks of transformation after completely giving up alcohol.

Danielle Pierce, of Austin, Texas, started experimenting with alcohol at age 16, and by age 18, she’d fallen into the typical party culture in college.

The 24-year-old said she would drink about two bottles of wine during the week before sipping shots and cocktails on the weekend.

she said Tekk.tvthat she was spending about $ 114 a week on alcohol, adding that her favorite drink was Pinot Grigio. But on May 18, she decided to sober up after admitting she was “lethargic” while drinking and felt “grumpy”.

She said, “I decided to avoid alcohol after having a stomach ache. Stomach problems. I started an elimination diet to find out which foods I couldn’t tolerate and thought I might as well give up alcohol. My parents have been sober since January and they have been a great inspiration and source of encouragement.

“I stopped the cold turkey – I knew I needed a reset and the only way I could do it was to remove it completely. I didn’t feel like me. I was lethargic, uninspired and frankly grumpy, and I couldn’t fit into my clothes and wasn’t happy about it. So I started the elimination diet and also avoided alcohol to speed up my health journey. “

Pierce, a social media strategist, said she had never stopped drinking, adding, “I was incredibly nervous. I didn’t know what to expect.”

She originally planned to quit for 21 days, but kept on doing it after seeing the positive effects it had on her life.

She managed to lose a staggering 15 pounds (lbs), which she thought was “unexpected,” adding that her sleep and skin have never looked better.

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“I can’t tell you how proud I was when I hit that 21 day mark. I was really surprised that I didn’t jump for a glass of wine right away, on that 21st day, I wasn’t interested in it at all drink. I never want to hangover again after feeling so good, ”she said.

Listed the benefits she’s noticed, Pierce continued, “I’m so happy with my new lifestyle – like the happiest I’ve always been. I wish I had really taken a look in the mirror sooner and found myself Wasn’t paramount in my personal or professional life due to the drinking culture.

“It’s a very personal choice, but I don’t feel like myself when I drank outside until 4am and then was a hungover mess the next day. So many things have changed – I think the biggest thing I noticed is my social anxiety has subsided and my overall happiness has increased. When I drank I got so scared around people and would be a hermit, not talking to anyone. So overall, my mental health has improved immensely.

“My stomach problems are gone. I got so sick every time I ate, and after doing some research, I found that if you drink alcohol regularly, you won’t be able to fully digest your food and your alcohol will cause gas to bloat Stomach leads: I’m not a doctor, but I found this on the internet.

“My skin is the best it has ever been and I have been taking acne medication for years without success. My skin is light, tight, and glowing, and I think that has to do with the fact that I’m not dehydrated all the time.

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“My sleep pattern has improved, but it has taken some time. The first time I stopped drinking, I couldn’t fall asleep, which probably means my body was dependent on these nighttime glasses, news