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Woman wants leather handbag from the skin of her amputee leg

A 55-year-old woman from Manchester who suffers from it a peripheral Arterial disease and will soon be surgically removed her left leg, looking for a manufacturer who wants to make her a leather handbag from the skin of her amputee limb.

Sewport, an online marketplace that unites brands and manufacturers, received the bizarre request from a woman who wanted to get in touch with a leather processing specialist for making a leather handbag made of skin leather on her leg that she wanted to surgically remove for medical reasons ,

Instead of immediately rejecting their inquiry, the Sewport experts read the woman's message and found that their reasons are correct. Therefore, they decided to assist them in the search.

Obviously, the 55-year-old, who is simply referred to as Joan, can not deal with the idea that her leg will become medical waste after surgery. So she had this unusual plan to keep at least a part of it.

"I know it's a bit strange and crude, and some may think I'm crazy, but it's my leg and I can not stand the thought that it's going to rot somewhere," Joan wrote in her message to Sewport , "It's a part of me and I want to keep it."

"I know it's disgusting, but people keep their baby's umbilici chords and have relatives' ashes, so it's not really funny to think about it."

Sevport revealed that Joan had decided to contact them after reading another unusual request from a woman who wanted a dress from her mother's hair. She said it inspired her to do something similar. To show that she was serious about her plan, the 55-year-old woman even sent a sketch of her accessories to Sewport, a medium-sized bag with a short strap.

Joan says she has about £ 3,000 ($ 3,900) available for this project, but adds that if it's not enough, she can be flexible in terms of budget. It is important to find someone who is really ready to make their dream come true.

Currently, Joan is reportedly in talks with the hospital to see if she can even keep her amputated leg after surgery. "I find out if I can keep my leg after surgery and the discussions so far have been positive, so keep your fingers crossed!", She wrote.

Sewport is currently looking for manufacturers to help Joan with their unique request and asks anyone who can help them to send them to with the subject line "amputee purse".



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