Women Harassed Near Sudirman Station, City Government Will Install Lights


The pedestrian path across from Sudirman Station and BNI City MRT Station is the location for sexual harassment and viral attacks. Residents feel that the location is dark when it’s night time when they come home from work. The Central Jakarta City Government promised to add street lighting.

“We ask Bina Marga to install lights,” Central Jakarta Deputy Mayor Irwandi told reporters detik.com, Saturday (10/23/2021).

Irwandi explained the position of the location, namely the meeting between Jl RM Margono Djojohadikoesoemo and uphill to the edge of Jl Jenderal Sudirman, right beside Ciliwung River near BNI City MRT Station. This location belongs to the Tanah Abang District.

He observed that there was actually a light at that location. However, additional lights will be installed to better illuminate the location.

A woman becomes a victim of exhibitionism near Sudirman Station, Menteng, Central Jakarta (Rakha Arlyanto/detikcom)

“Later we add lights, we check first and I immediately report to the Camat (Tanah Abang),” said Irwandi. Not long after, Irwandi informed detik.com that the Camat has confirmed his order to work on the installation of lights at the site.

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