Women protest against femicides; report damage to L7 Metrobús stations

Feminist collectives began a demonstration in the capital’s prosecutor’s office, which spread to Balderas where they blocked the road and caused damage to a Metrobús station.

Despite the fact that the main entrance to the prosecutor’s office was closed, the feminists sneaked through the entrance of the Family Attention Center.

From there they took out boxes with official documents, scattered them through the streets and set fire to them.

Photo: Special

Photo: Special

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Later, they were extended to Avenida Balderas where they were encapsulated by the capital’s police, however, this did not prevent the destruction from continuing, causing road damage and suspension in some stations of line 7 of the Metrobús.

Photo: Hugo García / EL UNIVERSAL

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Some of the Metrobús stations were damaged by some of the protesters, who threw objects at the transport service facilities and hit the windows of the stations with hammers.

Photo: Hugo García / EL UNIVERSAL

These mobilizations are part of the protests that have become general after the events in Cancun, Quintana Roo, where state police dispersed a demonstration with firearms.

The capital authorities said they are in dialogue with the protesters.



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