Women who get up early have a 40% lower risk of breast cancer than those who get up late, according to a new study in which thousands of women have participated. The researchers also concluded that nursing more than the recommended seven or eight hours is related to a 20% increase in risk of suffering from the disease, for each additional hour of sleep, as reported by "The Times", abc.es review About 11,500 women die every year in the United Kingdom for breast cancer. One in eight women has the possibility of developing it, and in addition, 5% of those affected have inherited a gene related to the disease. (Also read: Stress can cause an increase in food consumption)
This last study has analyzed the data of 400,000 women, extracted from the Biobank of the United Kingdom, a database with which the International Association of Breast Cancer counts. According to the data of this bank, it has been deduced that women who are considered early risers are 40% less likely to suffer from the disease than those who do not get up early. Women were also asked how much they slept each day, which It served to observe an increased risk of breast cancer as the hours of sleep exceeded those recommended. Rebecca Richmond, a researcher at the University of Bristol, who led the research, said that the more a woman leaned toward the night, more seemed to increase his risk. However, he said, it is not clear whether getting up before bed was a way to reduce the risk. Previous studies have suggested that night shift work increases people's risk of developing cancer, and part of the blame is due to the lack of exposure to light. This happens, it is believed, by the lack of melatonin, a hormone that protects against breast cancer. If you want to receive this and other information on your cell phone download Telegram, go to the link https://t.me/globovision_oficial and give it click to + Join Also follow our profile on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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