Women with gigantomastia will be entitled to reconstructive surgery by SUS

posted on 04/26/2022 20:59

Bill 1.808/2021, which ensures that women with breast hypertrophy/macromastia or bilateral gigantomastia — exaggerated breast volume — undergo reduction surgery was approved this Tuesday afternoon (4/26), in the Legislative Chamber. . The service and surgeries must be offered by the public hospital network, through the competent body in the health area or through an agreement with the Unified Health System (SUS).

Authored by district deputy Eduardo Pedrosa (União Brasil) the surgeries will be offered to women who have excessively large breasts. “Reduction mammoplasty surgery will only be performed if the patient shows signs and symptoms of suffering from the musculoskeletal system, notably when breast hypertrophy affects the spine, duly proven by a medical report issued by the orthopedist or neurologist”, establishes the article. text.

The deputy says that several patients complain about limitations in sports and social activities, in addition to back pain. The problem can still cause pain in the shoulders, rashes around the breasts and deep marks on the skin of the bra strap.

“The proposal presented aims to ensure breast reduction surgery, in cases of women with breast hypertrophy/macromastia or bilateral gigantomastia, in cases of excessively large breasts, being, therefore, a procedure that reduces the size and volume of the breasts, offering a sense of relief for women who are bothered by the weight of their breasts”, reported Eduardo.

These changes can be irreversible if this excess weight is not treated in time, as they can modify the anatomy of the spine causing disc hernias and spinal deviations. It is classified as a disease according to the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), ICD 10-N62.