Women’s football wants to be professional


Updated:05/22/2020 17:28


The Association of Women’s Soccer Clubs (ACFF) has filed an application with the Higher Sports Council (CSD) so that the First Iberdrola, the highest category of women’s football, is classified as “professional competition”.

“Qualification as a professional would establish the regulatory framework necessary for participating clubs to organize, as a professional league, and in coordination with the RFEF, the organizational and commercial aspects of the competition, in a model that would allow it to develop its full potential, “says the ACFF.

The women’s football association highlights that thirty years after the approval of Sports Law 10/1990 only three competitions are professional in nature –LaLiga Santander, LaLiga SmartBank and Liga Endesa-, “all of them male”. “It is evident that reality has advanced and that different factual, legal and sociocultural elements concur, which not only make it possible, but also advise and even oblige to extend said qualification to other competitions that meet the requirements established for it,” he says.

So, ask the CSD, the body that corresponds to give the professional competition qualification, to act. “Neither Law 10/1990, nor RD 1835/1991 (…) establish limitations to the CSD in order to qualify as professionals new and different official and state competitions of the same sports modality that meet the established requirements and conditions”, exposes.

Spanish women’s football has undergone a substantial change in the last five years which has allowed them to increase their visibility and recognition, increase their competitive level and develop at a commercial level, thus obtaining more resources that have allowed them to improve the conditions in which the players carry out their work, and has amply demonstrated its potential to become a benchmark for national and international level “, he highlights.

Now, the competition has “an undeniable social, sports and economic dimension”. “In just five years, since the creation of the Association, it has ensured that all its players have professional contracts, achieving a very special milestone such as the I Collective Agreement, with an important television presence and audiences that exceed 6 million viewers per year, thus becoming the third national competition in income from the commercialization of its audiovisual rights behind LaLiga and the ACB, and that it has been able to fill the great stadiums of professional football, “he recalls.

So, considers “evident” that the First Iberdrola meets “the legally established criteria“:” the existence of labor links and the importance and economic dimension of the competition “.

However, she believes that women’s football “still does not have the necessary environment to achieve its full development.” “There are still many imbalances, prejudices and burdens that drag both clubs and footballers, among which is its current rating as a non-professional competition,” he says.

Furthermore, he remembers his collaboration with the different political forces; last May 11, the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies presented a proposal not for a law to revoke the decision of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to terminate the First Iberdrola and to declare the “professional league” competition “

“From ACFF we firmly believe that this initiative will contribute to establishing a necessary framework of cooperation and understanding between all the organizations involved for the advancement and development of women’s football in Spain,” she concludes.


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