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Women's friends turned to her after she had reduced from size 28 to zero

Slimmer says that almost all of her friends turned against her after she lost 170 pounds and fell from a size of 28 to a zero size

Jen Beegle, 36, is pleased with her new figure after rising from 300 pounds to 130 pounds in 2015 following a bariatric surgery.

The procedure shrank her belly to the size of an egg and helped her lose weight by drastically reducing the amount of food she could eat.

Jen Beegle before the bariatric surgery that she claims has changed her life – and has cost most of her friends (Image: Jen Beegle / Metro US)
Jen, second from left with her good friends, is now a size zero. She says she is thrilled to be so small, but still suffers from body dysmorphia, which is why she believes she is as tall as she used to be (Photo: Jen Beegle / Metro US).

But the educator from West Salem, Ohio, says she was shocked to lose about 15 close friends, whom she had known for many years after defeating the bulge.

Jen told Metro US: & # 39; It's really sad. I probably lost ninety percent of my friends. I do not know why.

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"They just got petty, they stopped talking to me, it's not that I've changed, my heart is the same, my appearance has changed, but my inside is the same."

She added, "They would make fun of me and look for me for my food. They said things like, "Oh, are you too good to eat pizza now?" I can not eat the cheese or carbohydrates since the operation because they make me sick.

"Interestingly, it was not always my bigger friends who reacted badly. The problem with my slimmer friends was that I got more attention. As a thin person, you always look better when you go out with less attractive friends.

Jen introduced herself shortly before her bariatric surgery in September 2015. She says she went through three months of hell – but loves how the procedure changed her life, and says she wishes she had it earlier (Photo: Jen Beegle / Metro US)
Jen says she had a well-balanced, healthy diet and exercised regularly while she was overweight. She can only lose weight by starving herself until she agrees to the weight loss procedure (Photo: Jen Beegle / Metro US).

The mother of two says that she loves her new figure and healthy lifestyle. There she ate her pizza for oats with linseed, tuna meals and healthy meat rolls.

She started running after losing weight, which helped her lose 50 pounds over her 180-pound target weight. Jen is thrilled with how much energy she now has to devote to her six- and nine-year-old sons.

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She also revealed how she keeps getting cold after losing most of her body fat and being too cold to wear the tight outfits she had dreamed of while being obese.

Jen, who had a $ 4,500 tummy tuck after losing weight to remove loose skin, said, "I'm always cold now, which was very unexpected. This is the flat part of the operation.

"All those clothes that are cute and fashionable and that you could not wear all your life, I really wanted.

Jen, the mother of two children, says losing weight gave her confidence to end an unhappy marriage after her ex was told that nobody else wants a fat girl like her (Image: Jen Beegle / Metro US).
Jen says she was thrilled to be able to wear the pretty clothes she always craved during her overweight – but she was shocked at how cold she had lost her weight. She joked that she often had to ruin a cute look by wearing a jacket over it (Photo: Jen Beegle / Metro US)

"Well, I have them unless I can not carry them where anyone can see them because I'm always so damn cold and I have to wear a jacket over them."

Jen said she was always overweight before her surgery and believed that her inability to lose weight was genetic.

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She ate a well-balanced diet, stuck to large enough portions, exercised regularly in the gym, lifted weights, and trained hard on the exercise bike.

Jen suffers from a rare kidney disease called Alport syndrome, which makes her vulnerable to diabetes. She says that extreme calorie-reduced diets "were the only way in my entire life where I could see the scale effect."

She added, "I did everything that healthy people told me, but it just did not work."

Jen from West Salem, Ohio fell below her target weight after running. She continues to train hard and enjoys snowboarding with her young sons. (Image: Jen Beegle / Metro US)

She finally underwent surgery in September 2015 after seeing a photo of herself next to her dad, whom she had always thought was much larger than her, and when she realized they were almost the same size.

Jen spent the first month in excruciating pain, but quickly lost weight. She started exercising five times a week, quickly outperforming her target weight of 180 pounds. Jen was stunned 18 months later, in the spring of 2017, when she realized she was a zero size pants.

She remembered, "I will not lie. I was so excited. I used to wear size 28 pants to have a size zero. It does not mean anything – literally it means nothing, it's the smallest size there is. "

"I would go shopping and I would be like," Is that correct? Is that correct? "I would not believe that I was actually so small. I did not become small. I feel as tall as before. It is body dysmorphism. "

Jen says slimming helped her overcome decades of bullying about her size – and also gave her the confidence to end her unhappy marriage.

Jen said there was "a lot of judgment" for overweight people and added, "They feel invisible" (Photo: Jen Beegle / Metro US)
Jen shows her slim new figure. She was stunned when she found out that she had zero size in the spring of 2017 after her weight loss surgery (Image: Jen Beegle / Metro US).

She said, "There is much judgment when you are fat. You are either completely invisible or people do not like you.

"When I was in middle school, I really liked a boy. When his friends found out, they said, "come for lunch, he wants to talk to you."

"When I went there, he was not there and I said," Where is he? "

"They all laughed and said," He's hiding under the table because you're too fat to sit there. "

"It knocked me down. It broke my heart. I would always go out with friends. I was very social. The boys always came up to me, but it was always my friend number. It was never because they liked me. "

Jen says that she is happy single now – and that she is still baffled when men flirt with her (Image: Jen Beegle / Metro US)

And to explain how her weight loss helped her escape a bad relationship. Jen continued, "I realized that my marriage did not really work. I started to love myself more, if that makes sense. If you are fat, you are invisible, you do not love yourself.

"I always thought I could not do it better and my husband always told me nobody would want me and I believed him.

"I believed him because I was fat and nobody wants a fat girl.

Jen, who is still shocked when men try to attack her, added, "I started to lose weight, and it was not like a guy was waiting for me or cheating on me or something.

"Only when you started to realize that you are capable of doing so, even if there is no one else in my life, I agree, because I am happy with myself and happy to be alone. "


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