The US football association USSF has been surprised by the lawsuit of the women's national team because of discrimination. USSF President Carlos Cordeiro said in an open letter but confident that the dispute can be resolved. "The association believes that all athletes have a right to a fair salary," wrote Cordeiro – without making specific commitments.

Three months before the start of the World Cup finals in France (7 June to 7 July) led by star player Alex Morgan all current 28 international women of the World Cup titleholder participated in the class action because of their view years of unequal treatment of women and men within the USSF. The case will be heard in federal court in Los Angeles.

In the meantime, however, talks between experienced national players and the association have already taken place in order to "better understand the thoughts and concerns of the team," said Cordeiro. He described the dialogue as open, cordial and professional. The US women complain first and foremost that their male colleagues would be paid far better. In addition, the men had better travel, play and training conditions, although they have much less success.

World Cup participation is not endangered

According to Cordeiro, the association has worked closely with the team in recent years to "ensure that they have everything they need to succeed at the highest level". It has hired additional staff, which is exclusively responsible for the women's team, have provided additional charter flights to improve the travel conditions and two high-profile tournaments in the United States launched.

Cordeiro also stressed that the dispute will have no impact on the upcoming World Cup. Previously, the team had already excluded a World Cup boycott.

The women's team wants to represent with their class action also former selection players (among other things from the world champion squad of 2015). With retroactive effect until February 4, 2015, they require back payments from the association for all players nominated since.


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