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Woolsey Fire Map: Evacuations, Malibu Size and Ventura Fire

Woolsey Fire Map: Evacuations, Malibu Size and Ventura Fire


The Woolsey Fire has just started yesterday, November 8, and was the smallest of the three largest fires of the day, including the Camp Fire and the Hill Fire. According to CAL FIRE, it has grown to 8,000 acres, larger than Hill's Fire, which sits on 6,000 acres, and is contained at 0 percent at 8:40 a.m. The fire jumped onto a road and caused numerous evacuations. Newer sources are reporting that the fire can now be 14,000 acres.

Here are more details about the fire and evacuations in the Ventura and Los Angeles County areas, including Malibu and Pacific Palisades.

Woolsey Fire Map, Size & amp; Location

The Woolsey fire has 8,000 acres according to the latest CAL FIRE update, but the most recent updates may indicate that it has grown to 14,000 acres, KESQ informed.

The Woolsey fire started on Thursday afternoon as a "smaller" fire in Simi Valley, near the Rocketdyne facility in the Santa Susana Pass, ABC 7 reported. It was close enough to be able to see it near Hill Fire in aerial photos yesterday:

The Woolsey fire has grown due to the strong winds in Santa Ana. The winds only went out for about 30 minutes early this morning and then went back up, 10 News reported.

Here is an interactive map of Woolsey and Hill Fires. Click on the tweet link to see the interactive part of the fire map:

Another look at the two fires:

Fire evacuations expanded after Woolsey Fire jumped off 101 freeway near Chesebro, Los Angeles Fire County reported.

Due to the fire, the traffic signals on the Pacific Coast Highway on Coastline Drive stopped working, Malibu Search & amp; Reported rescue .

Details of the Woolsey fire evacuation

So far, more than 75,000 homes in Malibu and Ventura County are under evacuation orders for the 8,000-acre fire. At least 30,000 homes and structures are threatened.

The map below shows where the evacuations were made and where the Woolsey and Hill fires are located. The map was shared by the Los Angeles Daily News on November 9. It's not clear how fast the map is updating, so keep that in mind:

Here is another unofficial map of Woolsey Fire evacuations. It is also not clear how fast this map is being updated:

Here is a list of some of the areas that have been issued evacuation orders in the Malibu region from 12:30 p.m. Peaceful:

  • The entire city of Malibu ( Google )
  • Areas in the Malibu region south of Highway 101, from the Ventura County line to Las Virgenes / Malibu Cyn, and south to the ocean (Google)
  • Residents must use PCH to evacuate and avoid canyon roads.
  • Highway 101 from Valley Vista to Reyes Adobe (areas of Agoura Hills, Calabasas and Westlake Village) (Google)
  • Liberty Cyn West to Decker Cyn and south to Pacific Coast Highway ( Malibu )

Evacuations in Ventura County include:

  • Bell Canyon – Saddlebow Rd. Between Maverick Ln. and Morgan Rd
  • Oak Park – the whole community
  • Thousand Oaks – T.O. Blvd North to Sunset Hills, from Oak Park west to Highway 23
  • West of Highway 23 – south of E. Olsen Road, north of Pederson Rd.
  • South of Lake Bard, east of Highway 23
  • South of Highway 101, east of Kingdom Rd., North of Potrero Rd., East of the L.A./Ventura county line

You can see exactly where your address falls in the Ventura County evacuations by scrolling down to the map on this page.

The Evacuations in Los Angeles County include:

  • The entire Hidden Hills community. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is asking you to evacuate immediately through Valley Circle Blvd. to Chatsworth.

There are also evacuations voluntary ongoing in the city of Los Angeles. This map DOES NOT include mandatory Malibu evacuations:

Remember, the details of the evacuation can change quickly. Contact local authorities to get the latest updates.

Evacuation centers

Evacuation centers for Woolsey Hill and Fire includes:

  • Palisades High School at 15777 Bowdoin St., Pacific Palisades, in California, is the closest evacuation center for Malibu residents, LASD reported.
  • Rancho Santa Susana Recreation Center at 5005 Unit C Los Angeles Ave. at Simi Valley is an evacuation center, but does not accept animals. (@VCFD_PIO)
  • Borchard Community Center is a Red Cross shelter for Woolsey and Hill Fire (190 Kingdom Road in Newbury Park) (accepts small animals, N-95 masks available)
  • The Camarillo Community Center at 1605 Weast Burnley St. in Camarillo, California, is a Red Cross shelter. This refuge accepts small animals and has N-95 masks available.
  • Thousand Oaks High School – 2323 N. Moorpark Rd. In Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Thousand Oaks Teen Center (in capacity)
  • Goebel Senior Adult Center (in capacity)
  • Taft Charter High School (to capacity)

Here is a list of shelters that accept animals:

  • Hansen Dam accepts large animals in Lake View Terrace, California.
  • The Zuma Beach parking lot also accepts large animals, the Malibu Times reported.
  • Pierce College accepted large animals, but now it is full. (to capacity)
  • Ventura County Fairgrounds – 10 W. Harbor Blvd., Ventura, CA 93001 – accepts large animals at 10 W. Harbor Blvd., Ventura, CA 93001. Ventura County Animal Services (805) 388-425
  • Ventura County Animal Shelter – 600 Aviation Dr, Camarillo, CA 93010 – is accepting small animals. Animal Services of Ventura County (805) 388-4258

Parts of the Ventura 101 highway remain closed.

How to stay updated in the fires and evacuations

Remember, you can receive emergency alerts about Ventura County by sending a text message with VCALERT to 313131 or by visiting vcalert.org. Other sources to stay updated on this fire include @CHPWestValley and @ VCFD_PIO.
In the Malibu region, visit www.MalibuCity.org and scroll to the Alert Center and select "Emergencies" to subscribe to the Malibu emergency alerts by text message or email. Register to receive notifications of disasters from the City of Malibu at www.MalibuCity.org/DisasterNotifications.

For the latest updates on evacuations in Los Angeles County, click here.

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