What happened just now? WordPress, maker of the Internet's most popular content management system (CMS), has just released version 5.0 of its platform. The latest update is one of the biggest in years. A new block-based editor has been added that provides an "optimized editing experience".

In the new "Bebo" version of WordPress, named after the Cuban jazz musician Bebo Valdés, we see the introduction of the Gutenberg editor, which puts each piece of content into its own block, allowing authors to decide where to place them as it appears to the audience. This essentially makes the process a flexible WYSIWYG system. WordPress says that if you prefer HTML and CSS, the blocks will not be a problem.

The blocks include paragraphs, images, galleries, quotes, audio files, lists, embeds, and more. When creating client sites, it is possible to create reusable blocks that allow customers to add new content at any time while maintaining the same look and feel.

Of course, not all users will be familiar with the new editor, and there is a chance that plugins will affect the old version. For those who want to keep the classic editor, you can use WordPress to install a classic editor plug-in in 5.0, which will be supported until December 2021.

Other new features include compatibility with PHP 7.3, support for JavaScript internationalization, and the new Twenty Nineteen design that demonstrates the power of the new editor.

"The Twenty Nineteen has plenty of blanks and modern sans-serif headlines, paired with classic serif body lyrics. It uses system fonts to increase the loading speed. No more waiting on slow networks! ", Writes WordPress.

You can now download WordPress 5.0, which is open source and free, from WordPress.org.


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