Work and well-being, the equation at the heart of the new Madame Business special issue

The new special Business Madame is on newsstands! Madame Figaro

Put an end to productivity, reconnect with your body, with nature, open up new horizons: with her new business special, on newsstands October 19, Madame Figaro helps you regain vital energy.

It’s what you might call a chemical precipitate. That moment when all the ingredients come together and come together to create a reaction. Perhaps it started with the first confinement, these two long months which extracted some from their environment, transposing their universe (family, work, school) to the green or to the open air – an unprecedented experience – when they confined the others between four walls, limiting their movements, their contacts. Their horizon. Perhaps at that moment, we understood that we could not, or no longer, work or live as before, in this infernal rhythm which has made us brains connected to screens. Under digital perfusion.

Perhaps at that moment it suddenly jumped out at us, or at our throats, as in wartime, what “being alive” really meant. Physically. In his body. The absolute and first luxury that this could represent. The energy and the joy that could spread in us the simple sensation – of a ray of sunshine on the skin, of a coffee on the terrace, of a siesta under the sound of the wind in the leaves. A new focus on things.

Get out of always more

To be alive, and to become your own planet – because caring for it also begins there. Being alive, and deciding on a new grammar. Of a way of being in the world to better protect it. “No climate care without climate care”, summed up Cynthia Fleury in her recent opus What can’t be stolen**. Thus is born the definition of an ecosystem.

Beings like resources can run out, dry up

Getting out of the system of productivity, of always more, of “everything accountable”, is essential for the planet, but also for us. This is decided here and now, on our scale, in our daily lives. Because beings like resources can run out, dry up. We are part of a whole. Let’s find the path of our bodies, of the wind in the trees, let’s be part of the ecology that we defend, in a word of a new humanism.

*On newsstands October 19, 6.90 euros.

** Written with Antoine Fenoglio, Tracts collection, Éditions Gallimard, 48 pages, 4.90 euros.

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