Work of art on wheels

As we have described it, this electric grand tourer is a work of art on wheels that offers a height of just 1.41 meters. How is this possible? Simple, thanks to the shape of the high-voltage battery, its creators have configured the cabin so that each passenger can place their feet comfortably, taking advantage of the gaps created in the floor, in a low but comfortable position. .

Another important aspect to highlight is the body of the Audi RS e-tron GT, which is made of aluminum, while the backbone, which gives life to the cabin, has been created in hot-molded steel. The exterior would not be complete without the colors and Audi RS e-tron GT It offers nine body colors: Ibis White, Suzuka Gray, Foil Silver, Kemora Gray, Daytona Gray, Mito Black, Ascari Blue, Tango Red, Tactical Green and Audi Exclusive. Plus two exterior styling packages.

Spacious and elegant

If we talk about interior design, it is the perfect combination of harmony and technology in all its elements. Audi RS e-tron GT it offers great spaciousness and elegance throughout the cabin. Inside each line emphasizes the modern and avant-garde character of this electric grand tourer. The feeling would be like piloting a spaceship from the future, something incredible and dreamed of by many.

In both the driver and passenger seats, the feeling when sitting is as if you were a professional pilot, since they are placed in a low and sporty position. In the center is the infotainment console and the instrument panel, whose Audi “monoposto” design is characteristic, always oriented to the driver.

Another fundamental factor in interior design is sustainability. The mats are made from recycled materials, such as reclaimed fishing nets. While the production process is carried out with a neutral balance in carbon emissions, where 100% green electrical energy is used as well as a combined heat and electricity plant powered by biogas to provide the factory with the necessary heat.

Being a gran turismo model, its creators have endowed it with numerous details such as the seats and the steering wheel that show RS badges, in addition, both the pedals and the footrest are made of stainless steel. Not forgetting that the pro sports seats offer 18 adjustment possibilities.

One of the wonders of Audi RS e-tron GT it is its infotainment system that incorporates Audi virtual cockpit plus digital controlled from the multifunction steering wheel and through the MMI touch screen. Another of the controls that attracts attention is the voice control system with natural language recognition.

It also has all the Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System sound equipment and even with Audi Connect that, among other things, helps to plan e-tron routes, that is, it calculates the stops to recharge the battery so that the driver reaches his destination as required. soon as possible. It is efficiency and technology at the service of electric mobility.

Electrification as a way of life

The most important thing about this new model is its autonomy, capable of reaching 472 km (WLTP), a big step for this new industry. It is also surprising that Audi RS e-tron GT It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.3 seconds! A dream come true. As a data for purists and connoisseurs of speed we can say that Audi RS e-tron GT It offers a coefficient of resistance, that is, the aerodynamics, is only 0.24 Cx, without a doubt, it is a true space rocket, a grand tourer that will delight the driver at all times.

In addition, it has four-wheel drive and steering. But the most revolutionary thing is its sophisticated thermal management system with four cooling circuits that keeps the battery and the propulsion system components at an optimum temperature level to achieve, in this way, a faster and more effective charge. . Audi is undoubtedly taking another step into the future, while living in the present. The new RS e-tron GT shows how fascinating electric mobility can be. A four-door coupe that is born from a classic gran turismo and a powerful engine, whose handling is agile and with great autonomy. The RS e-tron GT it offers sportiness, comfort and sustainability, key elements that are highly sought after by lovers of speed. The future is electric, the future is Audi.