Workers at the UPM site in the center of the country start the ‘Brazo Solidario’ project to carry out a massive blood donation

The Alzada commission for the construction of the UPM cellulose pulp processing plant proposed an interesting project, which has the approval and logistical support of the multinational company, the federation of health officials and even the business chambers involved. .
It is about the donation of blood by the personnel who are dedicated to the construction of the pulp mill in the area of ​​Pueblo Centenario, department of Durazno.
This was reported by Marcelo Cardozo, a member of this commission, on AM 1430 radio in Paso de los Toros.
“The project is called Solidarity Arm, it is that in the work center of the UPM II plant, a large demonstration of workers who can donate blood with the help of the MSP and colleagues from the FUSS, the help of UPM with national companies and foreigners, coordinating for it to come out. It is about donating blood to meet the need of blood banks in the region –Paso de los Toros, Durazno, Tacuarembó- but at the country level,” Cardozo said in statements to Elizabethan radio.
A meeting is awaited with the MSP that would take place shortly, but daily meetings have been held with UPM and the business chambers, in addition to the trade union members of the Uruguayan Federation of Public Health.
“We are convinced that it is a project at the social level, at the country level, where blood donors are clearly needed. We have the ability to have a large number of donors in the same place, it is good to take advantage of this to generate supplies for blood banks. The project is for all those involved in the workplace, be it specific UPM personnel -administrative- as well as construction companies or any company that is dedicated to the plant”, clarified the delegate.
To make it easier for future donors, meetings are held to specify the extraction points.
Cardozo commented “we had a meeting and it was decided that the donation will be made at the workplace. UPM will provide the logistics part, the room, and the workers and companies will contribute theirs. But it has already been established that the donation will be made at the plant’s workplace.”
In union assemblies developed in the workplaces during the last week, the importance of blood donation has been specified, it was commented from the center of the country.