The most health professionalsthat caught COVID-19 in the Regional Hospital of Cusco, have overcome the virus and are returning to the field of battle. At the beginning of may, when we applied the rapid tests the staff of this hospital, 118 workers among medical, nurses, obstetricians, technicians, administrative and others, had been infected.

A string of negligence director Felix Hidalgo had caused massive infection. Hidalgo, between 13 and 28 April, has not answered the request of the professionals to that provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and screening of all personnel.

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From the Regional Hospital reported that the majority has been recovered without complications. “Today, after the time of treatment, isolation and quarantine, gives us great satisfaction to know that there were no complications in the health of none of them,” noted Felix Hidalgo Ramirez, director of the hospital.

Each server infected fulfilled the home isolation. Most were asymptomatic or with mild symptoms. Only four were hospitalized: one was on the last days of pregnancy and three because they had comorbidity. The pregnant worker gave birth to her baby and received the high. They are both healthy.

The reinstatement of the heroes with the aprons to the field of battle against the COVID-19 it will be progressive. Previously passed by a medical evaluation, quick test discard coronavirus, and other processes that requires the area of Occupational Health.

Medical and servers care are subject to a high viral load and could spread at any time. However, faithful to his oath to heal the sick it is kept in the first line of struggle against the microscopic enemy.

“We try to be positive and do not react negatively to the pandemic. It is not easy, but we are in the fight,” added Hidalgo.


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