Working at night or long hours could cause cancer: Study


Mexico.- A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that people who work in the night shift have long periods of work or irregular schedules have negative implications for their health, especially that increase the risk of cancer.

The night shift interferes with the circadian rhythm which leads to a deterioration of two tumor suppressor genes that can stimulate the growth of tumor cells.

Thales Papagiannakopoulos, author of the study and the MIT research department said he found in the study evidence that rotary night work is linked to deaths from cardiovascular disease and lung cancer.

He explained that the circadian rhythm functions as a 24-hour master clock that regulates the body when sleeping and waking up through the light and dark signals of the environment, this clock is made up of 20 thousand brain nerve cells called the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which receives information on the light and dark levels of the retina of the eyes, which is sent to the body's cells.

The specialists indicated that the cells use the light as a reset button of the circadian clock and that when that reset signal is lost, the rhythms of each cell in the body are also lost.

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