Working with 2H | Brandenburg State Center for Civic Education

January starts with us with inquiries, planning, consultation and concepts. Some order the books for the whole year this month. Many partners, independent sponsors, but also people from next door are looking for a particularly intensive conversation, especially in these times.

The conversation often begins with the sentence: “I can be quite frank with you…” or “I don’t know what to do anymore”. Yesterday, for example, someone was interested in the past and present of potatoes in Brandenburg. That also exists and very often we can also help with questions that at first glance seem unusual for our area.

My colleagues and I are very interested in offering solutions. We are very much supported by the regulations that are found in the education and finance ministries. For example, in the promotion of independent sponsors. In this way, planned face-to-face events can take place online, appointments can be postponed and event content can be adapted to the current situation.

We want to support you with our educational offers. You can find them on our website and in our bookshop. In February we will meet online for our annual network conference for independent providers of political education in the state of Brandenburg:

Nevertheless, for all of us, for you as well as for us, we have to make daily considerations. These are not easy. Sometimes really difficult. Yes, we are annoyed, tired and sometimes desperate. Vaccination yes or no? Is my brother, neighbor or girlfriend a critic or is that a conspiracy belief? How do I deal with my own fears and worries?

I want to encourage you not to fall into black and white thinking. Our offers try to win you over to a differentiated view. It is important to keep talking to each other and not to demonize each other.

Alongside 3G, 2G and 2G+, we want your life to be full of hope and humour. That’s why I’ve added a rule for myself since the beginning of the year: 2H stands for hope and humor.

In the spirit of wishing you a happy new year with 2H.
Yours, Martina Weyrauch