Works of the Villa Medici

By Glenn M. Andres, Pierre Arizzoli-Clémentel, Enzo Bentivoglio, Martine Boiteux, Henri Broise, George Brunel, Suzanne B. Butters, Ian Campbell, Alessandro Cecchi, Eric Darragon, Sylvie Deswarte, Christoph Luitpold Frommel, Elena Fumagalli, Carlo Gasparri, Jean Guillaume, Vincent Jolivet, Fritz-Eugen Keller, Montserrat Moli Frigola, Arnold Nesselrath, Pier Nicola Pagliara, Giuseppina Sartorio, Claudio Strinati, Bernard Toulier. Co-edition Académie de France à Rome / École française de Rome
Direction: André Chastel
Coordination: Philippe Morel
Rome, 1991
ISBN: 2-7283-0251-0

The Villa Medicia five-volume work from the French Academy in Rome, is on sale at the French School bookstore in Rome and can be consulted at the Villa Medici library.
Complete Edition
ISBN : 2-7283-0191-3