Workshops for patients with breast cancer

One of the workshops.

Health specialists address aspects such as gynecological and aesthetic care, physical exercise or initiation to mindfulness

The San Juan de la Cruz de Úbeda Hospital is developing workshops aimed at patients with breast cancer, which are part of the plan to improve patient care in which the center’s quality committee works. Specifically, two sessions have been scheduled in the meeting room of the health center, from five to eight in the afternoon, with the collaboration of the Spanish Association Against Cancer. And they are aimed at all those people who are going through or have gone through this process and want to learn self-care techniques to improve their health and quality of life during the treatment period.

The first workshop took place last Monday, a meeting in which aspects such as gynecological care, activity and physical exercise during the process, aesthetic care and initiation to mindfulness were discussed. And the second will be held on November 15.

Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor in Andalusian women. With the knowledge currently available, it is not possible to carry out measures to prevent the disease from appearing, but it can be detected in early stages when it has not yet produced symptoms and, applying the appropriate treatment, improve the prognosis and increase survival.

The most effective way to detect breast cancer early is to perform regular mammograms in women of a certain age group, in whom no symptoms have yet appeared.

The risk factors for this disease are fundamentally sex (it occurs in women, being very rare for it to appear in men, which it affects in less than 1%), age (the risk of onset increases with age), history family and other factors of less relevance, such as the onset of the first menstruation early (early menarche), the withdrawal of menstruation in advanced ages (late menopause), advanced age of the first full-term pregnancy, obesity, alcohol consumption, lack of of physical exercise, and so on.

As alarm symptoms, the existence of a lump or nodule in the breast, discharge from a single nipple and from a single hole or changes in the skin of the breast, especially in the area of ​​the areola or nipple (hardness, ulceration, retraction, etc.). These symptoms can be discovered by the woman’s own self-examination or by examination carried out by a healthcare professional.

The breast cancer detection program in Andalusia consists of performing mammograms every two years on the entire female population between 50 and 69 years old. Women are summoned by letter that they receive at home to attend a specific mammographic examination unit where two films are made per breast.

The result, in case of being negative, is received by the interested party by mail, and in the event that she must be referred to the hospital to complete the study or to carry out some type of treatment, she will also receive said appointment by phone.

In any case, women between 50 and 69 years old who have not received the summons letter at home can contact their Primary Care District or Health Management Area by telephone, where they will facilitate the appointment, or their family doctor. .

Regardless of age, it is advisable for women to consult their family doctor before any alteration they notice in their breasts or if they have a family history of said disease.

New Breast Unit

The Ministry of Health and Families plans to invest 440,000 euros for a new Breast Unit at the Úbeda hospital. This project is in the drafting phase and will be a new space that will provide all users with the comfort of being attended in a single act. It will have a mammography room, an ultrasound room, a waiting room, adapted bathrooms, a new medical consultation and an X-ray consultation.

This bet involves doubling the care for users, since at the moment the Úbeda hospital has only one mammograph to cover such a geographically dispersed and wide healthcare area. A radiologist and an X-ray technician will be part of this unit.