World 2018 in Russia : worker exploited on construction sites

World 2018 in Russia : worker exploited on building sites

The workers responsible for the construction of stadiums for the World 2018 in Russia are victims ” abuse and exploitation “, reported, Wednesday, June 14, the international non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch (HRW).

HRW said to have visited seven building sites of stadiums to host the World and found irregularities on six of them, including ” unpaid wages or late payment of wages for several months, work in temperatures down to – 25 degrees Celsius without protection sufficient, or the inability of employers to provide employment contracts legal to the workers.

” FIFA has not yet shown that it can effectively monitor, prevent, and remedy these problems “, denounces Jane Buchanan, director of HRW for Europe and central Asia, in the report published on Wednesday. HRW, quoting the figures of the International workers building and woodworkers international (BWI), says that 17 workers have died on construction sites of stadiums for the world Cup.

” An atmosphere of intimidation and suspicion “

The NGO also denounced ” credible reports “ concerning the employment of workers north Korean ” working long days with few days off “ on the construction site of the stadium of St. Petersburg.

FIFA said that no worker in north korea, worked on the site of Saint-Petersburg, but ” has not made public any information on the measures taken to protect or help these workers “, regrets, HRW.

” The workers interviewed by Human Rights Watch consistently said that they were afraid to speak about these abuses, fearing reprisals from their employers, “ adds the organization.

noting ” an atmosphere of intimidation and suspicion “, the organization states that one of its members was arrested in April 2017 to Volgograd, in southern Russia, while he was attempting to meet with workers at the construction site of the stadium. He was released after several hours of interrogation, adds HRW.

in Kaliningrad (west), workers who wanted to complain about their working conditions to a delegation of FIFA were prevented by the security agents, who have also forced migrant workers to stay in their dormitories, during the visit of the delegation, according to the report.

Twelve stadiums in eleven different cities will host the football World cup in Russia, from 14 June to 15 July 2018.

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