World | A hand with a ring discovered in the stomach of a shark


Scientists performed autopsies on several sharks when they discovered human remains. This hand and forearm belong to a Scotsman who disappeared Saturday.

A hand wearing a ring and a forearm were found Tuesday in the stomach of a tiger shark caught on the island of Reunion.

The human remains were discovered by shark safety center (CSR) scientists who performed autopsies of several sharks over three meters. The animals were fished Monday and Tuesday as part of research to reduce shark risk in Reunion.

The scientific police technicians took samples from the hand and forearm. DNA tests will be practiced to identify with certainty the human remains.

The wife recognizes the alliance of her husband

According to a source familiar with the matter, the wife of a Scottish tourist who has been missing since Saturday formally recognized the ring on her hand as her husband's wedding ring.

A good swimmer, the 44 year old man disappeared while swimming in the lagoon of the Hermitage (western Reunion). The sea is shallow and does not present any particular difficulty except for a pass in the coral reef giving access to the high seas.

Not seeing him return, his wife remained on the beach had given the alert. An important device had been put in place to find the tourist. In vain.

The search was still ongoing on Tuesday when human remains were found in the stomach of the shark fished 7 km from the place of the disappearance of the tourist.

At this stage, it has not been determined whether the forty-year-old drowned and was ingested by the tiger shark or attacked by the animal.

24 shark attacks since 2011

Since 2011, 24 shark attacks have occurred in Reunion. 11 were deadly. More than half are surfers or bodyboarders.

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            Posted on 07/11/2019 at 06:41


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