World Cup 2018: Palina Rojinski gets the yellow card from football fans

World Cup 2018: Palina Rojinski gets the yellow card from football fans

During the 2018 World Cup Palina Rojinski should bring the spectators in the ARD closer to the host country Russia. Many football fans, however, see the matter critically.
The first day of the Football World Cup 2018 is a controversial topic: Robbie Williams (44, “Angels”
) during a performance at the opening ceremony quite openly his middle finger and then comes a contribution by Palina Rojinski (33) in the sports show not very good at numerous football fans. The russian-german moderator is supposed to work for the ARD During the World Cup, she introduced her homeland, but her visit to the famous Gorky Park did not just make friends.
Although there were certainly some positive voices, in the social media, however, many football fans made their anger about the contribution of air. A user asks on Twitter for example, still relatively reserved: “This Palina Rojinsky But nobody needs, right? ” Another user notes that with the presenter at the ARD “you finally found someone for meaningless content”.

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“Are you serious with Palina Rojinski?”
Another Twitter Users asks the broadcasting association among others “Are you serious about Palina Rojinski?” Instead, there are “so many young talented sports journalists in Germany”. Meanwhile denotes a user the moderator’s contribution as “underground” and another asks whether the first actually meant the clip seriously, because this was “neither funny nor informative”.
Some verdicts are even harder: One of the users turned off because Rojinski “roars like a frog in the voice break into the microphone”. The next, on the other hand, thinks it’s great that “Palina Rojinski finally brings the moderation qualities of 14-year-old vloggers to TV”.
The nachgeäffte accent disturbs
A user can not believe either what she just saw. The 33-year-old clatters “haphazardly to the Scorpions through the rain and apes Russian Accent after for the first. So that we ‘get to know the country better’. Really now?” With a very simple question but brings another user probably the best to the point, which many fans have apparently asked: “Does Palina Rojinski really get money for this performance?”

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