World Cup 2022, Gabriel Martinelli and his selection for the Brazil squad for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Exactly one week left until the start of Mondial 2022 and the lineups of all the teams that managed to qualify for the finals are now clear.

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Of course, there were also some surprises, like in the Brazil team for example. Roberto Firmino was overlooked by the coach there and we won’t see the Liverpool striker in action in Qatar.

But at his expense, Gabriel Martinelli gets a chance. And purely on paper, this seems a very strange decision, because Firmino is much more experienced than his compatriot. However, he has played over 240 games for Liverpool since 2015, while Martinelli is a long way from a similar number of games for Arsenal.

But the career of the 21-year-old Brazilian is more than impressive. Not because he played in many and increasingly famous teams, but because only four years ago he was competing in the fourth strongest football division in his country.

Just for comparison, we will say that during the previous World Cup, which was held in Russia in 2018, Martinelli played in Serie D for the Ituano team. He started competing for the team in 2015, signing his first professional contract two years later, writes the Daily Mail.

After that, he scored as many as 10 goals in 34 matches for the team. This, of course, cannot go unnoticed by the scouts of the major European teams, and interest in him is growing. However, Arsenal are proving to be the quickest and most insistent on Gabriel Martinelli’s signature, bringing him to their ranks in 2019 in a £6m transfer.

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A sum that at first sight is more than high for a footballer who is only 18 years old and plays in the fourth division of Brazil. But apparently the scouts have done their job well, because at the moment Martinelli is not only getting the unique chance to play in the World Cup with the Brazil team, but he is also among the main players in attack for his club team.

For comparison, Martinelli’s current price, according to Transfermarkt, is an impressive 60 million euros. Impressive, because only three years ago he was playing in the lower divisions of Brazil, and today he is worth all this money and will be playing in the World Cup.

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A story that is very reminiscent of one of his colleagues and teammates – Gabriel Jesus. In 2018, the Arsenal forward made his World Cup debut, and just four years before that, in 2014, he painted the streets as part of the country’s preparations to host the 2014 World Cup.