The Denver Zoo helped celebrate Asian elephants and elephants around the world and educate people in the zoo World Elephant Day. The activities included elephant training demonstrations, animal keeper talks and hands-on activities. While African elephants are endangered, Asian elephants are even more endangered. Only 30,000 of them are in the wild.

The killing of elephants for their ivory tusks is one of the main reasons for the loss, but the legal and illegal clearing of land, especially for oil palm plantations, is fragmenting the habitat of critically endangered elephants in Asian countries. Palm oil – the basis of products such as cosmetics and shampoos, processed foods and biodiesel – is versatile and has a long shelf life, but oil palm plantations devour forests and destroy habitat for elephants, orangutans and other endangered animals.

The World Elephant Day is an international annual event on August 12, dedicated to the conservation and protection of the elephants of the world.


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