World famous residential park – “27 Storeys – Alterlaa Forever”: win tickets

27 floors, 10,000 people: The world-famous Alterlaa residential park in Vienna is considered an iconic monument of social utopia. The humorous debut documentary “27 Storeys – Alterlaa Forever” (from June 2nd in cinemas) by Bianca Gleissinger is about the largest social housing park in Austria and its former promise of happiness to its residents. Win tickets for the film, which has been a hit with the public at numerous festivals and at the Diagonale in Graz.

For her debut documentary, the director returns to the place of her childhood and meets its eccentric and lovable residents there – in the shooting club, in the Freddy Quinn Museum or at the pool on the roof – and thus grants deep insight into a social biotope. Bianca Gleissinger juxtaposes the stories and opinions of various residents without commenting or judging. The director’s memories form the common thread running through the documentary, which also shows footage from Gleissinger’s childhood. For her parents, the apartment in the newly built complex was the fulfillment of a dream that finally burst when the divorce came and the mother moved out with her daughter. The building was planned in the 1960s by the architect with the sonorous name Harry Glück with generous living areas in connection with swimming pools and tennis courts. “Living like the rich for everyone” was the slogan, which some immediately changed to “pools for the proles”. But what is left of that pioneering spirit? This film is a funny, very personal approach to a special place and an examination of one’s own roots. “It’s very pleasant here, very quiet,” remarks a young man, while a woman says: “People who have lived here longer are becoming more and more narrow-minded.” “Paradise for analogue people” or is it the “biggest old people’s home in Austria”? That is left to the viewer, even if the proportion of young people is apparently rather small. The young people are also not interested in the clubs or their own TV channel, they are only attracted by the pools.Theatrical release of “27 Storeys – Alterlaa Forever”: June 2ndWe are giving away 5 x 2 cinema vouchers for the entertaining and humorous documentary about the universe -inclusive facility, which, above all, with its image design and fantastic tracking shots, provides a somewhat different insight into the living environment of the residents. Simply fill out the form below and get involved. The closing date for entries is June 1, 9 a.m.
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2023-05-28 03:00:45