AFP photo illustration
AFP photo illustration

Funny late-night last Saturday in Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées).

Initially, nothing but the very ordinary, as the South West tells: a man is stopped, drunk, driving his vehicle. A scene unfortunately seen and reviewed …

The police install the Tarbais in the back of their vehicle, without handcuffs, and take care of parking his. Meanwhile, the man regains strength! Neither one nor two, he jumps to the front and starts the police car!

BAC car stamped

Gray, it activates the siren and the beacon. Better, he insults copiously the police via the megaphone …

The crazy equipped finishes … when it fits in parked cars, "not without crashing into the vehicle of the ADB", as noted South West.

Obviously, he was placed in custody. He will explain his gesture in court.


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