He added in a press conference in Geneva, and in response to the journalists ’questions about the request of the member states of the World Health Assembly for the organization in its decision yesterday to conduct an evaluation of its work during the Corona pandemic, that the organization carried out independent evaluations, including a report of independent experts, indicating that the organization is keen to do this evaluation Before any other party, and full accountability to all parties and parties concerned.

Dr. Tadros said that the organization has done this and evaluated its work after the Ebola and SARS epidemic, noting that this is a permanent system in which the organization operates, and pointed out that the decision of the World Health Assembly and the goal of the organization is to draw lessons and collect experiences and correct matters if there are problems.

On the other hand, Dr. Tadros confirmed that the organization received the message of US President Donald Trump regarding the subject of funding and that its content is currently being considered, adding in response to a question whether the organization aims to talk to partners to compensate for any funding that could be cut from the organization’s budget that the organization’s budget Basically it’s small, not big, and doesn’t exceed $ 2.3 billion, and the organization is trying to work with it and make a difference.

Dr. Tadros announced that the organization has developed a strategic plan to mobilize resources and through an investment process and also by expanding the donor base, and stressed that the goal is not to fill gaps in the level of funding but to develop the organization’s programs and plans to better serve the world.


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