[World Now] Former Sri Lankan president who fled abroad returns home after 7 weeks

A black SUV pulls out of Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, at Bandaranaike International Airport.

A car entered the house surrounded by a high fence while the escort vehicle followed. Gautabaya Rajapaksa, former president of Sri Lanka, is a gray-haired man who got out of the vehicle while being guided by strict security.

When anti-government protests broke out in Sri Lanka due to the worst economic hardship in history, he returned to his homeland after about seven weeks, who fled abroad.

According to Reuters, former President Rajapaksa is staying in a house owned by the Sri Lankan government after returning home from Bandaranaike Airport on the 3rd local time.

To protect him, the Sri Lankan government has decided to send a security force while providing him with the privileges of a former president.

Former President Rajapaksa, who recently stayed in Thailand after traveling to the Maldives and Singapore to escape anti-government protests in July, is known to be moving to the United States.

Earlier, Sri Lanka suffered severe debts amounting to about 68 trillion won in Korean money as its main industry, the tourism sector, was hit hard by Corona 19, and eventually fell into national bankruptcy last May.

In the midst of being evaluated as the worst economic hardship that Sri Lanka has faced since independence in 1948, when angry protesters flocked to the presidential residence, former President Rajapaksa fled abroad and even resigned.

“We ousted former President Rajapaksa after a struggle,” said a Colombo citizen, Reuters reported.

As former President Rajapaksa, who left Sri Lanka on his own, returns to his country, there are concerns that the political situation in Sri Lanka will fall into chaos again if the forces who want punishment for him and those who support him clash.