Blizzard just announced a date for the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch before the Aug. 14 launch, and it's coming next week. The patch will be held on July 17, serving as a bridge between the Battle of Azeroth and last year's Legion expansion. As always, it's not just changes and changes: there's also added actual gameplay stuff.

This includes a new war mode, PvP talents "and more" that still needs to be specified. As stated on the announcement page, "War Mode" resolves boundaries and server rule distinctions, allowing players in every area to decide when to immerse themselves in a PvP universe of like-minded people in the on-going battle between Horde and Alliance. "

In the meantime, the Legion PvP postseason will begin and a new community feature will allow users to "take along" [their] Friends and family of the same faction together ".

Full patch notes are not yet published, but expect to be released before Tuesday. For everything we know about the extension itself, Steven sorted you.


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