World | Recall of two disinfectants contaminated by bacteria


Two disinfectants, Surfa'safe premium and Opaster are recalled as a precaution, due to the presence of bacteria in several batches of these products that must no longer be used, said Thursday evening the Agence du médicament ANSM.

The germs detected in these products for professionals are naturally present in the environment (in water in particular). But they are "opportunistic", that is to say, likely to cause an infection in immunocompromised people, explains the ANSM. On the other hand, "the risk of infection for the general population is very low".

Tests still in progress

In several batches of Surfa'safe premium and its variations, the presence of bacteria Burkholderia cepacia was highlighted as well as Pseudomonas oryzihabitans in batches of Opaster. It is requested to no longer use Surfa'safe premium disinfectants and its variations as well as Opaster (health establishments, medical offices, dental or other health and medico-social structures, hospitalization at home and any other place of use) .

Surfa'safe premium is a disinfectant widely used in the medical environment (hospitals, medical practices, etc.) for the disinfection of surfaces and non-invasive medical devices (stethoscope, blood pressure monitor …). Opaster, of very limited use in France, is a disinfectant for invasive medical devices including surgical equipment.

ANSM asked Anios laboratories to carry out microbiological tests on other products in their range of disinfectants. The first results of the tests carried out on twenty lots did not highlight the presence of these bacteria in these other products. Tests continue on products in stock.

Nevertheless, "pending the end of the investigations on the other Anios products, the agency recommends as a precaution and as far as possible, to privilege the use of other brands than those of the Anios range for patients with immune system weakened (under chemo, grafted, with cystic fibrosis, prolonged stay in intensive care or in neonatology …) ", indicates Thierry Sirdey, director of medical devices at the ANSM. The French Society of Hospital Hygiene puts online the conduct to hold.


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