World record for longest continuous podcast broken during Dutch Media Week | Media

The record attempt to make a total of two hundred hours of continuous podcasts during the Dutch Media Week has been successful. The marathon was concluded on Sunday afternoon in Beeld & Geluid in Hilversum by, among others, comedian and writer Vincent Bijlo.

Bijlo gave the starting shot for the record attempt on Saturday morning 1 October. Podcasts were continuously made from Hilversum.

Well-known makers and new talents participated last week. For example, Bastiaan Meijer van de PodBast, Television, RadioGiants and the Farmer Seeks Podcast to hear.

The podcast lasts over two hundred hours is more than enough to set a new world record. From data from the Guinness Book of Records turns out that the previous longest episode lasted ‘only’ 53 hours. That record came from July 2020.