World Record, Police Thwart Circulation of 14 Tons of ‘Jihad Drugs’ Made by ISIS

Thursday, July 2, 2020 – 14:46 WIB

Italian police at the time of the smuggling of drugs. Photo: screenshot Twitter Guardia di Finanzia, ROMA – Italian authorities set the world’s largest record in disclosure of drug trafficking of 14 tons of amphetamine captagon with a value of Rp 16 trillion.

Synthetic drugs in the form of 84 million Captagon tablets are thought to be made by Islamic State (IS) militant groups or ISIS.

Quoting CBS News, smuggling was carried out from a ship believed to be on its way to supply to the black market in Europe, Naples police reported.

“We know that (Daesh) is financing its terrorist activities mainly through drug trafficking carried out in Syria, which in recent years has become the largest amphetamine producer in the world,” Italian police said.

In the statement of the Italian military police, Guardia in Finanza, the drug was stored in industrial products in three containers that were expected to arrive at the Port of Salerno, approximately 32 miles south of Naples, Italy.

According to Guardia in Finanza, that extraordinary confiscation was the largest of the confiscations of similar drugs recorded so far.






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