World scandal: doping reaches the Spanish track cycling team


A new and very serious case of doping [VIDEO] is stalking the # Cycling from Spain. This time the track cyclists who participated in the Olympic Games in Atlanta (United States) in 1996. The informative revelations reveal what until now was an open secret and that is none other than the Cycling Federation from Spain signed the doctor of Lance Armostrong to dope the national team that participated in this important international event.
This is the doctor Michele Ferrari who has always been closely linked to the supply of doping substances to a good number of athletes, not only in the field of cycling, but other relevant sports.

This has been shown after the recent statement of the Spanish doctor, Luis García del Moral, before the Arbitral Tribunal of Sport. Where he has clearly explained how he came to administer EPO and another class of growth hormones for cyclists in the Spanish national team. It is a new event that puts the already suspicious world of cycling into disrepair and that can have serious repercussions on some of the exploits of national athletes. To the extent that they can remove some of their most significant achievements.
What are the names of these athletes?
The cyclists who would have ingested the doping substances indicated by Dr. Michele Ferrari would be all the members of the Spanish cycling team on track at the 1996 Olympics.
That is, Juan Martinez, Oliver, Joan Llaneras, Adolfo Alperi, Santos González, José Manuel Moreno and José Escuredo. In these Olympic Games of Atlanta they only reached three Olympic diplomas.
But in other Olympic events some of them, as in the cases of José Manuel Moreno and Joan Llaneras they got several Olympic medals . In this sense, it highlights the trajectory of this last runner on track who has been a double gold medalist in the Olympic Games of Sydney (2000) and Beijing (2008). As well as silver medal in the editions of Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008).
Massive supply of EPO and growth hormone
In the interrogation to Luis García del Moral He makes it very clear what his actions were before the Spanish athletes. When asked by the court if it was true that he supplied the Spanish cyclists with corticosteroids during that period, his response did not offer any kind of doubts when he affirmed very strongly that this was not the main thing, but that what was really important was EPO and growth hormone. .
Of course, it is not ruled out that the international authorities will take a hand in the matter and may dispossess those affected of the medals achieved in their extensive sports career. #Dopaje #Lance Amstrong


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