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World volleyball, Italy does not stop. Argentina beat 3-1

Florence, 15 September 2018 – The march of theItaly does not stop even in the presence of 'Argentine of Velasco, that after winning the first set, suffered the return of arrogance of the blues, albeit with some too much thrill in the last set. Ends 3-1 with the partial ones of 22-25, 25-15, 25-23 and 28-26. The next appointment for the boys of Blengini it's tomorrow night against the Dominican Republic.

POGLAJEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Blengini spear Giannelli, Zaytsev, Juantorena, Lanza, Mazzone, Anzani is Colaci. Many mistakes in the first part of the match: break the balance theItaly with the first half of Anzani after the disputed hands out of Juantorena. The first technical timeout is of the Azzurri (8-5) but the turn in battuta di Cavanna reports under theArgentine, lethal with the pipe of With you and the hands out of Poglajen. The overtaking of the South Americans is consumed with the ace of Loser, rifled by the hands out of Poglajen that gives the second technical time out to theArgentina (16-14). A long exchange ends with the error in direction of Gianelli which in fact sinks the blues: decisive also the errors in battuta di Lanza is Nelliwhile theArgentine is surgical with the pipe of With you and the attack of Ramos on the wall ofItaly which causes the first set to be lost (25-22) at the National of Blengini in this World Cup.

THE MAZZONE SERIES – Reception confirms a problem for l'Italy also at the dawn of the second set: theArgentine goes to the technical time out on the lead (8-6) thanks to the wall on Juantorena, preceded by an invasion of Zaytsev. Me too'Argentine commits a network foul and the series of Giannelli in battuta brings forward the hosts: a diagonal of Juantorena and a pipe of Lanza give the break to the National of Blengini, that conquers the second technical timeout (16-12) exploiting the errors in the measure of File is Lopez. THE'Italy fly with the long batting series of Mazzone (author previously of a great first time) and the diagonal of Zaytsev gives a good 10 set points to the blues: the first one goes but the long line of Juantorena closes the partial on 25-15.

THE ACE OF THE ZAR – The two winning bouts of Juantorena they seem to open well the third set for l'Italy, which goes into difficulty with the first half of Sun and still wrong in joke with Zaytsev, delivering the first technical time out toArgentine (8-6). The second (16-15) goes to 'Italy thanks to the first half of Mazzone: good at blues to play point to point with the South Americans, inaccurate with File is Loser in service but almost always lethal with Poglajen both diagonal and long. A controversial invasion of Juantorena on Cavanna irritates the blues, who suffer the diagonals of With you before and Zanotti then; the psychological situation is reversed after a foul whistled to Sun, followed by the first ace of Zaytsev and the first half of Mazzone delivering the set to theItaly (25-23).

CRESCE JUANTORENA – In the fourth set comes the first blue wall with Anzani and a net 8-3 at the technical time out ratifies the growth of Zaytsev, author before a hands out, a full-arm attack and then another ace. The second technical time-out still goes to the Azzurri (16-9), which grows in particular with a capital letter Juantorena: the Italian-Cuban goes to point in every sauce (first with a pipe, then with a hands out and finally an ace). THE'Argentine becomes a foul joke until the turn Gonzalez that shortens the distances (18-13): the first time of Sun and the proper diagonal of Gonzalez report theArgentine in contact. The bloody series of Poglajen it is broken by the long line of Juantorena, which then makes a serious mistake in reception that unexpectedly delivers the set point to the South Americans: it goes to the bitter end up to 28-26 which marks the third success on 3 of theItaly. The match point is signed by Baranowicz after that Zaytsev he had replied blow-by-blow on the return of theArgentina.


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