Worlds Collide: Former ‘Bachelor’ Wins ‘Celebrity Survivor’


CBS-Staffelfinale „Beyond the Edge“.

What do you get when you combine a wall-jumping former “Bachelor” with a bevy of other celebs trying to survive in the jungle? Colton Underwood wins season one of new CBS show Beyond the Edge.

Though the show isn’t officially called Celebrity Survivor, numerous outlets have dubbed it that, including the Daily Beast, which muses, “How do we get what basically amounts to a celebrity season of Survivor right now?”

Part of the answer to that question lies in the failure of a similar show twice more than a decade ago. “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” aired on ABC in 2003 and again on NBC in 2009. Despite the show’s overwhelming success in the UK, where it has run for 21 seasons, neither version has been renewed, notes The Daily Beast.

What you need to know about Beyond the Edge

CBSThe Final Four.

It took 13 years and a pandemic to reignite interest in “Survivor” before CBS snapped the celebrity-cracking-coconut-and-walking-in-the-mud motif. The main difference between Beyond the Edge and its predecessors is that no one is voted out. When someone leaves, they leave voluntarily, either by ringing a bell (as four contestants did) or being ejected due to injury (as one contestant did).

According to Screen Rant, “Beyond the Edge” took place in Panama, where eight celebrities took part in challenges that involved “traveling through thick mud, building a shelter, solving difficult puzzles, and surviving in the jungle using nothing but natural instincts.”

Every participant played for a good cause. The former Bachelors star starred for the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, a non-profit organization that, according to the website, aims to “give people with cystic fibrosis the opportunity to live fully, dream big and support one another.” Screen Rant reports that Underwood raised more than $200,000 for his charity during his time on Beyond the Edge.

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Who did Underwood beat?

CBS Colton wins!

As a former NFL linebacker, you’d think Underwood went into the competition with a slight advantage. However, other professional athletes also attended, including other football players, namely Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and Chicago Bears “Samurai Mike” Mike Singletary. Also in attendance was former NBA champion Metta World Peace, who starred in the first season of Celebrity Big Brother. So the competition was definitely big.

There were also two country singers vying for the award: American Idol finalist Lauren Alaina and Almost Home singer Craig Morgan. Add Real Housewife, Eboni K. Williams; Full House star Jodie Sweetin; and supermodel Paulina Porizkova, and you have the cast of Beyond the Edge.

Metta World Peace was the only professional athlete to ring the bell and drop out voluntarily. The other contestants who showed up were Williams, Porizkova and Sweetin. According to Screen Rant, Alaina had to leave after injuring herself.

That left four contenders in the final showdown: Underwood, Lewis, Singletary and Morgan. They competed as teams of two: Underwood teamed with Singletary and Lewis teamed with Morgan. According to Screen Rant, “While the two teams were neck and neck during the final physical and mental competition, Colton and Mike took the lead and won the final adventure after placing their pennants in the correct order.”

It’s unclear if the series will be renewed for a second season. TV Series Finale, however, predicts that despite the disappointing ratings, the show was cheap to produce and attracted enough audiences that CBS is likely to take a chance.

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