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Worldwide attack on mobile phones – German networks are not affected


According to a US-Israeli security firm, hackers have invaded telecommunications systems in more than 30 countries.

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DusseldorfAccording to a report by a US-Israeli security firm, cybercriminals have managed to penetrate the networks of telecommunications companies in more than 30 countries. The companies concerned were informed, the company told Cybereason. Name did not name the company.

A request to the three German network operators – Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica – revealed that they did not expect to be affected. A spokesman for Deutsche Telekom said: "So far, we have no evidence of the cyber attacks mentioned by Cybereason." There was no contact with the security company.

Similarly, a spokeswoman for Telefónica said: "There is no evidence that Telefónica Germany could be affected by this cyberattack." A Vodafone spokeswoman said that her company had not been contacted by Cybereason. "Safety is our top priority."

Cyberattacks on network operators are nothing new. Telekom CEO Timotheus Höttges had warned at the beginning of the year of a sharp increase in the registered by his company attacks. In April 2019 alone, around 46 million attacks were recorded daily.

Deutsche Telekom deliberately sets up trap traps known as "honey pots" to study hackers' policies and strategies without putting their own network at risk.

The explosive thing about cybereason is the large number of supposedly successful attacks. The analysts of the company broke the hacker's approach. They summarized that the strategy of the attackers suggests a state actor.

For example, hackers had no interest in financial information, such as bank or credit card details, but had details of individuals in government, politics or law enforcement agencies. Cybereason suspected that Chinese state hackers were behind the attack. However, the company acknowledged that there is no absolutely reliable evidence for this assumption.

More: The state should be able to fight back in cyberattacks. However, many experts consider this pointless and dangerous.

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