Worst-case Scenario DKI Jakarta Facing Corona Spike


Corona cases in Jakarta continue to soar. The DKI Provincial Government has also prepared worst case scenario or the worst case scenario of facing an explosion of Corona cases.

Data as of Sunday (27/6/2021), the new additional positive cases of Corona broke a record again. Daily Corona cases in Jakarta hit 9,394. This is the highest number during the pandemic since March 2020.

From that addition, the accumulated COVID-19 cases in Jakarta were 520,061. Meanwhile, there are 3,506 patients who have recovered from Corona, bringing the total who have been negative for Corona as many as 454,252. Meanwhile, the number of deaths in Jakarta increased by 52 people. The total number of deaths rose to 8,169.

Jakarta Secretary Marullah Matali said the provincial government had prepared a worst-case scenario to deal with the Corona virus. One of them is the possibility of micro lockdown in the area near the RT red zone.

“Then what I want to convey is the efforts to control Covid by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. The first is to run the worst case scenario, the first is the PPKM policy strictly in the orange zone and the red zone with the concept micro lockdown. I need to say that the RT conditions in Jakarta coincide, in contrast to other provinces. That’s why there may be a red zone in certain RTs while other RTs may be adjacent to the red zone RT, we have to carry out strict restrictions or procedures,” said Marullah, in a BNPB YouTube broadcast.

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Then the second scenario is the closure of places and roads in Jakarta starting at 20.00 WIB.

“Then next is the closure of places and roads that have the potential to cause crowds at 20.00 WIB – 04.00 WIB. There are 10 roads that we are afraid of mass accumulation. And this is the initiative that was conveyed by the Kapolda and his staff. Then supported by all 3 pillars, supported by the community as well, ” he continued.

Marullah explained 15 points of Corona control efforts carried out in Jakarta. One of the worst-case scenarios. Then the addition of the capacity of the treatment room at the COVID Referral Hospital.

“Then carry out an intervention plan with the 3 pillars in optimizing PPKM with micro-enterprises lockdown in the orange and red zones,” said Marullah.

“Ambulances or hearse from ministries or institutions other than developing the involvement of existing mosques and social foundations. So later if in a very urgent condition we will also ask for assistance in deploying ambulances to take sick people to health facilities in Jakarta. Ambulances or hearse trains can involve ambulances from places of worship and social foundations in Jakarta,” he continued.

BOR Data Isolation 92 Percent

Marullah said the Bed Occupancy Rate (BOR) data in a number of hospitals in the capital city continues to increase. Marullah said the BOR at the Jakarta Hospital was already above 90 percent.

“Regarding BOR, our isolation BOR has reached 92 percent, 10,252 beds have been filled with 9388,” said Marullah.

Meanwhile, the occupancy of the ICU room, he also said, had increased. Currently, it has touched a lift of 87 percent.

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In the data shown by Marullah, ICU beds of 1,255 have been filled with 1,095. This data is recorded as of June 26, 2021.

“Everything is dynamic and everything continues to increase. I think from hour to hour in Jakarta this increase is very significant,” he said.

Then Marullah explained about the red zone at a number of points in Jakarta. He said that currently there are 10 red zone points in Jakarta.

These points are located in 10 RTs, each of which is in Jagakarsa, Rawasari, South Gandaria, Kelapa Dua Wetan, West Cengkareng, Petogogan, Cililitan, and Srengseng, West Jakarta.

“If we look at the red zone, there are only 10 RTs, but the RTs in Jakarta are very close, therefore the attention is on the orange zone, there are 313. So currently there are 313 orange zones, 10 red zones out of 30,482 RTs in Jakarta,” said Marullah.