Worth a lot of money: Nintendo video game auctioned for almost 1.4 million euros

Old Nintendo games can be worth a lot more than their purchase price – one game has now broken all records (symbol image).

© Thomas Eisenhuth / Imago

Old stuff from the attic is barely good for the flea market and brings in little money? This assumption does not have to be correct. A video game seller is now rich.

Whether old Ü-egg or Hummel figurines *, rare antiques or coins with incorrect minting: some utensils bring in more money than you would expect. The same thing happened to the owner of an old video game. Again Spiegel reported a 25-year-old copy of the classic game “Super Mario 64” achieved an unbelievable sale price of 1,560,000 US dollars at auction! That is the equivalent of 1,387,214 euros – so much has never been paid for a video game, it goes on to say.

The auctioned item is the video game in its original packaging “Super Mario 64” from 1996. According to the American multinational auction house Heritage Auctions, the auction of the video game classic has broken all previous records.

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“Super Mario 64” or “The Legend of Zelda”: Video games can make a lot of money

Just before that, another video game broke the auction record: A copy of “The Legend of Zelda” had changed hands for $ 870,000, again Spiegel reported. An anonymous buyer had acquired the rare R version of the game, according to the portal pcgameshardware.de. The sealed cartridge in its original packaging came from a very early production series that only rolled off the production line at Nintendo for a few months in 1987, it said.

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Especially limited game editions could pcgameshardware bring in enormous sums of money. Do you have a rare and old video game console with associated games – ideally in the original packaging? Then it is always worthwhile to get information about the current value of the pieces. Contact points include auction houses. (also) * Merkur.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.