"Hard on the border" was the name of the first Stuttgart "crime scene", where Bootz and Lannert get to know each other. For ten years, the two are now a team, 22 missions they have already behind.
The Stuttgarter "crime scene" celebrates its tenth birthday this year.
      With the episode "The man who lies", which can be seen on Sunday at 8.15 pm in the ARD, the two commissioners Thorsten Lannert (Richy Müller) and Sebastian Bootz (Felix Klare) come to SWR data on 22 missions, the staged by 15 directors. A few insights behind the scenes:
      CLOTHING: Commissar Bootz is best known for one thing: his brown leather jacket. And that's actually been the same for ten years, as a SWR spokeswoman reveals. "She suits him so well that she is always saved from oblivion."
      AUTO: Like the leather jacket to Bootz heard a brown vintage car Porsche to his colleague Lannert. According to the station, the car is not as easy to care for as the jacket – and it took an hour or two in the workshop.
      PRISONS: Prisons (JVA) play a role again and again. The shooters record holds the shooters "Freigang" with ten days of shooting in prison. In the prison Stuttgart-Stammheim, however, is not rotated, reveals the transmitter. For the current case, the team was therefore in a prison near the Lower Saxony Göttingen. And: For the historical Stammheim scenes in "The Red Shadow" the cell tract of the RAF prisoners was recreated.
      DREHTAGE: According to the broadcaster, shooting days in jail at the Stuttgart "crime scene" are limited to a maximum of three or four. In total, 24 shooting days per crime scene are the rule, sometimes one less.
      STUTTGART: Although the city can be seen again and again, it is often filmed elsewhere. In "traffic jam", for example, the audience felt right in the middle of the traffic chaos of the city. In fact, the Stuttgart Weinsteige was rebuilt in a Freiburg exhibition hall.


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