Would Gabi Tóth be pregnant? –

A Star in the star Dallos Bogi dropped out on Sunday’s show, but that’s not the only reason the show was memorable. Gabi Tóth performed his new song, which Papal Jocico-produced with. However, the production did not arouse the audience’s interest because of the duet, because everyone was busy with the singer’s belly.

Gabi Tóth looked a little more round than usual in her costume, and on the belly. From some camera angles she looked very much like she was expecting her second baby.

After the broadcast, speculation started as to whether Gabi was really pregnant, and many had already congratulated the baby. The singer responded quickly on her social side, thanking her for her best wishes and pouring clear water into the glass in a comment.

Comment by Gabi Tóth (Source: Facebook / screenshot)

Nice people! Thank you so much for the wonderful message and congratulations! You can boldly congratulate me on the song, but not on the baby, since I’m not pregnant, I just picked up a few pounds, plus my micro port pushed my clothes out, thanks everyone.

– wrote Gabi Tóth, who recently shared interesting things about her little girl.