Would JK Rowling put the Ukrainian coat of arms on Harry Potter’s forehead instead of the Z?

The Russian state TV channel Pervij Kanal appeared with a very bizarre recording. Two well-known Russian prankers, Volodymyr Zelensky, allegedly persuaded JK Rowling by telephone to redraw the injury on Harry Potter’s forehead according to the Ukrainian coat of arms because, given the geopolitical situation, the Z-shape was unfortunate.

The recording was cut out several times, suppressing the original English text. All of this reinforces a lot of suspicion that the teasing didn’t happen in reality, or not as the recording suggests.

So far, the news has only appeared on Russian or English-language Russian portals, little-known sites, but the state Pervij Kanal (Some Channels) is out of line. The strange news came here with the introduction of a once-serious presenter who had been critical of the Kremlin for more than a decade:

“Did you know that JK Rowling, who invented Harry Potter, has now taken a very firm, anti-Russian stance in this conflict? He even prevented his books from being sold digitally on Russian platforms. And here we go, our prankers put out a video: they called this lovely lady, on behalf of Zelensky, of course. Take a look! “

The video shows JK Rowling as if talking to the Ukrainian president. The president is not visible, nor is it clear how one of the two Russian prankers, Lexus and Vovan, appeared in front of the monitor.

The conversation begins with the prankers, who, presumably with the help of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), have already called several heads of state over the phone, including Zelensky’s predecessor, Petro Poroshenko.

We join the conversation on the recording when one of the two prankers says:

“Harry Potter has a Z-shaped injury on his forehead.”

Rowling: Lightning-shaped.

Pranker: I mean, yes. Could that scratch be taken away given the geopolitical situation? Could the three-pronged Ukrainian sign be put on it? With the right hairstyle like the Ukrainians.

Rowling: It’s probably best if I do it myself on social media sites. I think it will be in the news right away.

Pranker: We also want to invite you to read to Azov soldiers from Harry Potter. They also have a book club.

Rowling: Again, again.

Pranker: They like to read, especially German literature. Just read the parts that include what kind of nationalists they are and what they do to other people, hehe.

Rowling: I see. (Name)

Pranker: By the way, I instructed my soldiers to write that abrakadabra …

Rowling: … avada kedavra…

Pranker:… on the missiles we are firing at Donetsk and Lugansk. How about this joke?

Rowling: I really like this joke. Very.

Host: What compels an intelligent, educated, art-successful person to take such a clear position in such a situation, and along with such an argument? Strange!”

This has already been said by presenter Alexander Gordon, who once had much more criticism of the Kremlin, the Putin regime – at a time when there was some room for criticism even on state TV.

That there could be no doubt as to the reality of the recording was not mentioned by him or by those who appeared.