Would you like to download videos from Facebook?

Save as many videos as you want to play them offline, saving as much as possible and without following insufferable steps. In principle, it is what the facebook video downloader definitive. I present it to you, in great detail, shortly.

Snaptube is the tool you are looking for

The star social network of the great technology conglomerate Meta, Facebook for friends, makes things really complicated for its own members to download their videos. To say nothing of the posts of other users!

In other words, multimedia posts, hosted on their servers, which can be found on walls and stories, from a huge number of content creators. Absolutely.

Sooner or later we can realize it, either from a web browser or any of the applications available for Android mobiles; It is a fact that may seem insignificant to some people. But for others, including me, it’s a real headache.

The aforementioned has a compelling reason; the interests of the company to monetize its multimedia content. But that’s a topic for another time, you’re here because you want to download those videos!

And of course, you want to do it smart. What you need is something like Snaptube; an application positioned as the best in its class; the most complete, safe and efficient. Which, in addition, has one other truly useful uses, which you will learn about in due time ;).

An app with many benefits

But come on, you have to take a look at everything that the best Facebook video downloader has to offer. I’m telling you that it far exceeds certain paid applications that can be found for Android devices and even other alternatives for personal computers.

You are invited to view the feature summary from its official website, which is always a good idea. You can also start download facebook stories immediately by clicking on the link.

continuing; Snaptube is nothing more than empty promises, and this is of the utmost importance when we come across applications that we usually use and that, moreover, are offered as free. For security reasons or simply because, in practice, they end up as deception and lies.

Each of the key points that characterize Snaptube have been examined and verified by many people, by downloading all kinds of videos from FB posts. The most significant thing you will find:

  • Lightweight APP: So you don’t have to worry about storage space.
  • Comfortable and easy: Without complications or professional knowledge.
  • Free service: Downloading, installing and using Snaptube is FREE.
  • Unlimited uses: Your favorite Facebook videos without barriers or maximum quotas.
  • Various formats: With the most popular audio and video extensions.
  • Original quality and high definition: From standard, HD, 4K and more, according to your needs.
  • No watermarks: Get clean videos, avoiding embedded ads or stamps.

How to download Facebook videos on Android?

Keep in mind that the steps to follow are really easy because of how intuitive the application is. So much so, that no previous downloader experience is required. If you already frequent Facebook, you are more than qualified.

In general, considering this is your first time, it only takes a few minutes to follow the four steps that make up this guide. Feel free to make any detours or considerations you want.

So let’s get started. An easy way to use Snaptube to store the multimedia posts of your Facebook friends or content creators that interest you the most, in the video or audio formats you need! Don’t miss any step:

Step 1: Download and install Snaptube

From the official website of the application you will see an orange button, press it to obtain the APK. When finished, install by granting permissions from unknown sources.

Step 2: Open the downloader and login to Facebook

Once inside Snaptube, at the top of the interface, click on the Facebook icon. Then enter your Facebook account username and password.

Step 3: Find a video you want to download

Browse until you find a video post you’re interested in saving to your device storage; or just choose any, as a trial.

Step 4: Start downloading

Now you can press the download button that is located just below the video; select the desired resolution and file format. Finally, wait for the download to finish.