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Wound knees can be caused by Fabella Bone: study


One hundred years ago, only 11% of people had a fabella, a tiny bone embedded in the tendon behind the knee. In the past year, the percentage of people with this bone in the world increased to 39%, and the scientists are trying to find out why a bone that physicians in general for "pointless", according to the BBC has not fallen on the evolutionary scale. In her study published in the Journal of AnatomyScientists at Imperial College London note not only the strangely increasing prevalence of Fabella (Latin for "little bean"), but also the fact that those who suffer from knee problems tend to have one: people with osteoarthritis of the knee, z are double so often a Fabella. Per The scientistThe researchers studied X-rays, MRI and dissections from over 21,000 knee studies over the last 150 years. Within the last century, the probability of people having a fabella has increased threefold.

This sesamoid bone – so labeled because it grows like a patella in the tendon of a muscle – in fact seemed to have completely disappeared from the human being "as the ancestors of the great apes and humans evolved," making his recent enhancement even more puzzling a publication , Why there is a comeback depends, according to Dr. Michael Berthaume, the lead author of the study, reveals what modern humans eat today. "We found evidence of Fabella reviving around the world, and one of the few environmental changes that affects most countries in the world is better nutrition," he says. Berthaume explains that we are heavier than our predecessors because we generally eat more than before, which means our knees are under more pressure. Sesamoid bones like these tend to change due to the forces applied to them. (This study surprisingly suggests that running can protect against knee problems.)



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